Walker Commercial Law Group, LLC assists clients achieve and exceed their operational objectives by drafting and negotiating a wide range of agreements in the areas of commercial contracts, construction, and finance in such industries as engineering, manufacturing, food and beverage, airport concessions, and higher education.


Walker Commercial Law Group, LLC is led by Cheryl D. S. Walker, an experienced transactions attorney and strategic partner, who loves to develop and execute innovative legal strategies and solutions to protect client interests and further their business initiatives and goals. Walker’s experience includes drafting and negotiating (a) an array of commercial agreements, including purchase and supply, and equipment purchasing and leasing, (b) design and construction services agreements on behalf of purchasers and providers of design, engineering and construction services, and (c) credit facilities for business acquisition, working capital, construction and real estate development. In addition, she is skilled on the creation and protection of security interests under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

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